Informative according to the law by degree 196/03 paragraph of statute n. 13-Code on the Privacy

(published on Official Gazette 29th July 2003, general Series n. 174, ordinary Supplement n. 123/L)

In observance of how previewed from law by degree n. 196/03 paragraph of statute n. 13 of 30th June 2003, we provide you with the due information in reference to the purposes and manner of the processing of your personal data, the within of communication and the nature of the same ones in our possession.


Data processing purpose

Personal data, in our possession, is directly collected at the firm or by people interested in the processing of the data or through agents and business agents on occasions of offers, during a relationship or a supply proposal. The data can also be collected by third persons, for example, by unrelated companies for trade information or market research or our other customers or suppliers, or they can also be public data.

The personal data is dealt within the normal activity of our company, with purposes of management of contractual relationships; for purposes connected to previewed legal obligation, regulations and the laws of the European Community and for meeting bookkeeping and fiscal obligation and in order to concur an effective administrative management; for functional purposes in our business activity: managerial, statistics, business relationship, operating, of marketing and promotion, market surveys.

Manner of data processing

Data is processed by computers and it will be saved on diskettes, hard copies and on every other type of suitable medium available only to relative personnel, with respect of the minimal measures of security, according to the Disciplining Technician regarding minimal measures of security (see attached B on the Code of Privacy).

Obligatory nature

All the requested data is necessary for the future and actual business relationship, bookkeeping, pay, social security and fiscal obligation. The lacked consent for the processing of the data for purpose concerning business relationship and promotion does not compromise the development of the demanded activities for the conclusion and contract execution.

Consequences of the refusal of the data

In case of lacked insertion of one or more obligatory data, the interested person will not receive the requested services.

Subjects to which the personal data may be communicated

We would like to inform you that the supplied or acquired personal data during the contractual relationship may be communicated to following subjects who carry out functions that are fundamental for our firm operation:

- financial Administration, social security and welfare agencies and, if necessary, the Authority of p.s;

- conveyors or other agencies for accessory services to the supplier;

- professional societies or agencies necessary for those evading payment and recovery of credits;

- banks, holding companies and credit institutions within the financial management of the firm;

- insurance agencies;

- people in charge of budget review and management, fiscal, contractual and of development marketing consultants.

Your data will not be however subject to release.

Rights of the interested person

In relation to the processing of personal data, the interested person has right, according to the paragraph of statute n. 7 (rights of access to the personal data and other rights) of the Code of the Privacy:

1. person concerned has the right to obtain the confirmation of existence or not of personal data that regards it, even if not still on record;

2. The interested party has the right to obtain the indication about:

a)  the origin of the personal data;

b)  the purposes and manner of processing;

c)  the logical application in the case of processing carried out with the aid of computers;

d) the identified data of the holder, the responsible agent and the representative designated according to the paragraph of statute n. 5, paragraph 2;

e) the subjects or the categories of subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or that they can come to acquaintance in quality of representative designated in the State's territory, of responsible or people in charge.

3. The interested party has the right to obtain:

a)  the updating, the rectification and, when necessary, supplement of the personal data;

b) the cancellation, the transformation anonymously or the blockation of the data dealt in law violation, including the data which is not necessary for conclusion and contract execution;

c) the confirmation that the operations regarding letters a) and b) have been acquired by those people to which the data have been communicated or diffused, except for the case in which such implementation is impossible or it involves operations that are too difficult compared with the protected right.

4. The interested party has the right to oppose:

a) for legitimate reasons the processing of the personal data that regards this party;

b) the processing of personal data that regards this party, with purpose of sending advertising material or direct selling or for market research or business communications.


The Holder and Responsible party for the processing of personal data is

Via Donatore di sangue, 45 - 44015 Portomaggiore (FE)

Tel +39 0532 810660 - fax +39 0532 811115 - email

The interested party will has to address to Marmi Pasini s.a.s. in order to exercise the own rights.

MARMI PASINI s.a.s.  - P. IVA 01168810388 - 
Via Donatore di sangue, 45 - 44015 Portomaggiore - Ferrara - Italia - Tel +39 0532 810660 - Fax +39 0532 811115

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